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The fate of three
strangers collide
in a deadly game
of cat and mouse

Journalist Jonno Bligh is flying high with a bestselling book and an Oscar for Best Screenplay under his belt. But, along with the accolades, he picks up a cocaine habit and a bad case of writer’s block.

Under pressure to deliver his next blockbuster, Jonno sails to the Indian Ocean in his beloved yacht The Scoop Jon B. When a violent storm cripples the boat, he takes refuge on a beautiful, remote island of the west coast of Sumatra. He names it ‘Rehab Island’ and vows to get clean.

Unknown to him, a murderous gangster called ‘BangBang’ Budiman uses the same place to hide the spoils of his maritime heists in the notorious Malaccan Strait.

Jonno watches in horror as BangBang and his crewmen brutalise two women on the beach before leaving them to die. He manages to rescue one of them – Annie Greenwood whose husband has already been murdered by the modern day pirates.

Together they flee the island with the stolen loot, relentlessly pursued by the vengeful BangBang. As the killer hunts them down in the treacherous waters of SE Asia, Jonno and Annie are forced to come to terms with their own destructive demons – and a discovery that could change their lives forever.

The Devil waits for you in Paradise