My lucky life spent 
in the wonderful  
world of words 

I was born in Scotland a lifetime ago. It was a conventional Glasgow childhood: playing soccer every single day (despite the bloody weather), swigging Irn Bru and dodging school whenever possible. Looking back, the only subject that interested me was English and, happily, that interest paved the way to a 37-year rollercoaster career in journalism as a reporter, editor and publisher.

Along the way, I edited two metro dailies and Scotland’s biggest selling tabloid – the Daily Record. In my second book, Deadline (published next year), I pose the question: can there be a more thrilling sight than a British tabloid newsroom in full throb on a big news day? The answer is: I doubt it!

Later I had the opportunity to live and work all over the world: the US, New Zealand and then wonderful Australia where I have lived since 2004. A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to be able to kick-start a new career writing novels … still operating in the same world of words but a vastly different medium to the daily grind of newspapers.

I sometimes sit at my desk overlooking the water in Noosa and count my blessings: a long, happy marriage, two great kids (one in Sydney and the other in Florida), three grandsons and the enduring joy of putting words down on paper for others to read and hopefully enjoy.

As someone told me recently: you tabloid guys are good at writing fiction, aren’t you? I’ll take that as compliment.