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In the dog-eat-dog
world of tabloids,
you are only as good
as your last story ...

A year after his brush with death at the hands of ruthless Indonesian pirates, Jonno Bligh is rich, successful and … bored out of his brains. Then he meets Borya Bolshakov, a London-based Russian oligarch, at the Sydney mansion of a top advertising guru.

He recruits Jonno as editor of his flagship paper, UK Today, with the journo oblivious to the pressure, politics and power plays that await him in London from formidable new adversaries – inside and outside the paper – including Black Mac, the billionaire’s psychopathic henchman.

In his new role, Jonno enjoys enormous power and influence, but the pressures are equally huge – not least when he discovers ‘Bolshy’ has a dark secret he is desperate to keep hidden at all costs … including murder and blackmail.

Besieged by crafty politicians, violent crooks and the mysterious Islamic group, the Movement of Martyrs, Jonno and UK Today’s top reporter Shiv O’Shea battle to investigate a conspiracy that could bring down the British government. The action moves between Sydney, London, New York and Moscow as Jonno and Annie are targeted by both Islamic jihadists and Eastern European assassins.

This spine-tingling sequel to The Scoop accurately portrays the high-octane daily news business and the ruthless people who tower over it.