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DEAD IN THE WATER: First published by Simon & Schuster in 2018 as ‘The Scoop’, it is now available worldwide on Kindle in e-book and paperback formats. The audio version is available via Audible as ‘The Scoop’. It introduces Aussie journo Jonno Bligh who clashes with modern-day pirates in the Indian Ocean; on a remote island, he saves an English woman, Annie Greenwood, from being murdered by the pirate gang, and, together, they flee in his small yacht The Scoop Jon B along with the pirate loot. With the killers hot on their heels, Jonno and Annie come to terms with their own destructive demons and a life-changing revelation.

After a successful international career as a newspaper journalist and editor, Terence J. Quinn began writing the ‘Jonno Bligh’ series of action-packed thrillers in 2017. 

DEADBEAT: In the latest blockbuster in the Jonno Bligh series, Mickey Marx is a British music mogul whose extravagant tastes are as obscene and outrageous as the girl bands he manages and exploits. For over three decades, Marx has straddled the pop industry like a Colossus. But now, facing debt and disgrace as the platinum hits dry up, Marx is collaborating with the mysterious Russian ‘Tsiganka’ to traffic drugs, arms and children via the dark web. Jonno Bligh and his UK Today team face incredible odds to expose the two criminals.

The fast-paced Deadbeat goes behind the glitz and the glamour of the entertainment industry to rip open its seedy, shady underbelly.

DEADLINE: Jonno Bligh returns in the second of the series, published in 2020. He is headhunted by Russian oligarch Borya Bolshakov to be editor of his flagship tabloid UK Today. Jonno and reporter Shiv O’Shea investigate the murders of a high-profile activist and a royal princess by jihadi terrorists. This leads them to Bolshy’s shady links to a murderous Russian conspiracy that reaches into the very heart of No 10 Downing Street. Jonno must decide whether to risk everything – his job, his family, his life – by publishing the truth.